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By being a partner in a number of areas of product development, prototype production and production, Kiwanotech AB has a broad knowledge base for a number of industries. In our portfolio you will find some of our reference projects where we at Kiwanotech have been involved in the development process and during production.


Tiny Waterless-urine separating toilet 


Postal and package systems


Acticon will be a leading supplier of ventilation products for the sustainably sound and safe indoor climate in homes, workplaces and public premises.

Wolf Proof

Wolf Proof's electronic protective jacket for hunting dogs against wolf attacks is based on the wolf getting a shock in its mouth during an attack. The protective vest's active part, which covers the back, backside and neck, contains a fully covering trigger. When the wolf attacks the hunting dog and a tooth is pressed against the west, the trigger will trigger an electric shock in the wolf's mouth through the current tires that go over the entire back.

Prisma Light

Prisma Light AB provides a Swedish-made street lighting luminaire that offers good energy savings and an optimal light image. The product is intended for streets, thoroughfare, pedestrian and road tunnels. The design is based on components where robust quality is combined with thoughtful function and high efficiency. The lighting has a dimmer function that automatically adjusts the light at dusk and dawn. This construction provides a cost-effective solution that also reduces environmental impact.