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Finding a solution to a problem and transforming an idea into a finished product are both parts of the product development process. There are many ways to develop a product. At Kiwanotech AB we focus on making the process as efficient as possible. Our knowledge in industrial design, product development, prototyping and production gives us the advantage to be able to see the complete process from the beginning.
We use a development process model that is separated in five steps. By using this model our customers can order the steps separately. In this way we can offer a continuous feedback and a better possibility to control the development process.

Development process model

Step 1: Concept phase.
In the concept phase a number of concepts of a product are generated. The concepts are based on customer requirements.

Step 2: Design.
One or more concepts are chosen from the concept phase and further developed. At this stage the concepts are refined and generated in our CAD system.

Step 3: Function prototype.
After obtaining CAD models a first function prototype is manufactured. This prototype is used to verify function, ergonomics and appearance.

Step 4: Production drawings.
When the function and appearance of the product has been approved the final design of the product is set. In Step 4 production material including 3D models and 2D drawings are generated.

Step 5: Production.
After finalizing the production material it is time to start producing the product. Manufacturing can take place at Kiwanotech AB, at our business partners’ facilities or be performed by an external manufacturer chosen by the customer.

In addition to the production material needed for manufacturing we also offer specific design services. These services are for example:

Advanced surface modeling
Design optimizations
Import diagnostics
Repairing of imported 3D models.