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Technical documentation is a term for a range of different types of documentation. In order to give our customers a clear picture of which areas we can be of assistance as we have summarized information on the subject of this document.
The services we are working with current technical documentation are as follows:

– User Documentation
– Sales Brochures
– Operating instructions
– Service instructions
– Interactive og
– Animations
– Technical Illustrations
– Interactive presentations
– Patent documents
The above-mentioned services is something that many companies associate with a work that takes place in the final stageof product development. We at Kiwanotech works to the technical documentation shall be an integral part of product development. A thought that streamlines development and shortens the total time of a project. To facilitate this work, we use a program called SolidWorks Composer. With this program, we handle easily all technical documentation through a program that is also directly linked to our CAD system. In this way, we can quickly update your manuals, user manuals, etc. when a change of a product must be implemented. Everything simply becomes more integrated in the whole and all the expertise gathered in one place, just as we Kiwanotech AB wants to work with you as a customer.
Please download our brochure about service: technical documentation (Swedish): >>  SWComposer Kiwanotech